Babies / Toddlers

Our educators create a nurturing warm environment and will focus on building special bonds with our babies and toddlers. Our staff understands babies/ toddlers feeding, sleeping and developmental needs. The program provides new experiences and understand that our supervision standards must outweigh all other priorities during the day.

We share in your child’s development and care. ‘Your special treasures are our special treasures’.

Programming for your child’s development:

Connect Kids Early Learning Centre believes that children play and learn through an enriched and supportive environment reflecting both the community and culture of the children and families that attend the centre. The success of Connect Kids Early Learning centre is based on quality planned and spontaneous learning experiences. Staff will provide the children with educational and new experiences. Key areas of interest when planning for the children are drawn from the centre philosophy. These key areas include multiculturalism, positive relationships with all ages, special needs, respect, tolerance and acceptance.

Your child’s learning is referred to as “play based learning”. Children will engage in social play which helps them to learn more about themselves and how they belong. Evidence shows that play can support learning across physical, social, emotional and intellectual areas of development.

Play based learning will include:

  • Drawing and finger/painting
  • Filling containers with water
  • Playing with dress ups
  • Walking, running, climbing, digging and outdoor activities
  • Singing
  • Playing with toys, puzzles and digital games
  • Reading books

Communication skills include:

  • Exploring/ curious about new experiences
  • Investigative minds/ finding answers to questions
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Singing
  • Drawing
  • Independence skills


  • Set clear, firm and reasonable limits
  • Specific responsibilities
  • Specific routines
  • Time frames